Organic farming continues to grow in France

Organic farming is increasing in production, consumption and distribution. We take a look at some facts and figures to broaden our understanding. Organic production According to a study by France’s Agence Bio, in 2017 organic activity (ie. farming, production and distribution) represented 134,000 jobs in terms of direct employment and had an average annual growth […]

Sulfite free wine and the importance of sulphur in wine

Our sulfite free wine Semper Viva often raises questions: what does “sulfite free” mean? What is special about sulfite free wine? Does it taste different? Is sulphur bad for one’s health? We’ve written this article to answer these frequently asked questions about no-sulphur wine. Sulphur: a natural component in wine All wines contain sulphur dioxide […]

Where to buy organic wine

Organic wine is becoming increasingly common. Where best to buy it: at the supermarket, online, at a wine shop or direct from the grower? We have the answer. Organic wine has made great progress and today in France it represents more than 8% of the total surface area of vineyards, three times as much as […]

Natural wine: what it is and how it is made

What is natural wine? Natural wine has existed for thousands of years but today it has become more common, with the concept first taking hold in the 1970s and growing in popularity ever since. Wine shops will often have a shelf dedicated to natural wine or they may even specialise in this category. But what […]

Why organic drinks are trending

Why are organic drinks such as wine, coffee, beer and juices currently so popular? We shed some light on this question and discover why Château Suau has decided to produce only organic wines. Organics: just a trend, or a growing awareness? The organic sector has made great progress in France in the last few months. […]

Organic wine market figures and facts

Organic wine is currently in the news and there would seem to be a gradual trend in favour of it. However, to be sure of the facts, here are some figures. The organic wine business is booming As one might imagine, the organic wine business is doing well. A look at the figures shows that […]

Vine diseases: the three main diseases of the vine

Vines, as everyone knows, are plants. But did you know that vines are also exposed to numerous diseases year-round which can threaten their lives and, consequently, the resulting wine as well. The work of the producer consists mainly of tending to his vines on a daily basis, protecting them from these risks. Here we will […]

The health benefits of organic wine

Wine is truly wonderful. Enjoyed in moderation, wine has many virtues, and organic wine too, but what health benefits does organic wine have, compared to the so-called classic wine? Let’s take a closer look of organic wine benefits for health. Organic wine has different characteristics compared to “normal” wine Made from organically farmed grapes, organic […]

Understanding wine aromas: types and families of aromas in wine

Depending on the wine, it can offer a wide range of aromas. To know how to identify them, we show you what types of wine aromas exist. Talking about wine is rather like reciting poetry, except that in this case, nothing has to be learned by heart. The same wine can be enjoyed in different […]