In the vineyard

Since 2008, the Chateau SUAU has engaged in a production process in organic farming. This working philosophy aiming to produce wines without pesticides, was born from the triple desire:

Protecting the health of our employees
Protect wildlife and the surrounding flora
Improve the functioning of our soils

This challenge, renewed every year since, forced us to rethink our mode of operation. The major constraints of organic viticulture are:

  • Cryptogamic disease management
  • Soil and adventitious plant management

Cryptogamic disease management


The protection of the vine and grapes is done mainly with two minerals: Copper and Sulphur which act on endemic vine diseases: downy mildew and powdery mildew.

These minerals prevent the development of these fungi that can attack the leaves and clusters and cause permanent damage. Leachables, these minerals require spraying quality on the plant and a positioning based on weather flawless. The quality of material but also the efficiency of the operators are really importantl to achieve our goals.

Moreover, the quantities of these minerals are controlled by hectares as all production practices by a certification structure, Ecocert, according to the standards of common specifications for organic viticulture.

Soil management

The second contribution of organic viticulture is the obligation to rethink soil management. Direct operations on the soil aim to:

  • Improve microbiological activity in soil.
  • Maintain a balanced nutrition to the vine.
  • Lower the risk of erosion by improving soil structural stability.

Grass management and fertilization are in direct interaction. Herbs beneath the feet must be removed mechanically. Throughout the growing season, in the rows of vines, it will be chosen whether to maintain vegetative cover, sow a seed mixture to regenerate the soil, or perform unpacking before winter.

This management is based on the richness of the soil, the grape variety and rootstock but also the moisture condition of the soil. Again, the expertise of our teams is the essential element of this activity by their knowledge of each plot. Soil fertility is analyzed regularly and its maintenance is carried out plot by plot. .


As in other wine estates, work in the vineyards of Château SUAU is punctuated by the cycle of the vine.